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Israel Engagement

We are a people with a long memory of our roots in the Land of Israel, a people that reminds itself on a regular basis of the hope of "next year in Jerusalem". Within this sacred land, our prophets called out for justice, peace and mercy and our ancient sages developed the Judaism that we practice in our homes and congregations.

The language of Israel, Hebrew, is the language of our sacred texts; the holidays of our holy calendar are derived from the agricultural and geographic climates of the Land of Israel. Judaism without Israel would be like a tree with no roots or branches.

Israel Culture Club



Each month, from September to June, our ShinShinim lead an interactive session on various aspects of Israeli culture.  Come out to experience their creativity as they engage us with an evening of learning and fun.


Temple Har Zion continues to participate in UJA’s Israel Engagement by embracing and hosting two young Israeli leaders who have chosen to defer their army service for one year to volunteer in the GTA. 

THZ’s ShinShinim have always worked diligently and tirelessly to plan engaging programs for our Temple community. Just as they are thrilled to teach us about Israel and share their lives with us, we are honoured to share what Reform Judaism is all about with them. They are often surprised to learn just how much we Jews in the Diaspora care about their home, and are also amazed to learn that we consider Israel our homeland as well.

For 2019-20, our ShinShiniyot Avia and Roni have joined our community, becoming a part of the THZ family through their involvement in synagogue life in a variety of ways, including providing programming for all ages. This year will be somewhat different with regard to their schedules, in that we are sharing them with Bialik Himmel (northern campus) and Beth David Synagogue.

We look forward to their monthly Israel Culture Club sessions for members of all ages to enjoy these two young wonderful women teaching us about their culture.


Thu, April 2 2020 8 Nisan 5780