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Chesed - Caring Community



An essential part of our Temple family is the Chesed Committee, which reaches out to members of the Har Zion family in various ways.

A Mi Shebeirach list of members who are convalescing or ill is maintained. Every couple of months, volunteer callers follow up with contacts of those on the list to see if there have been any changes. Furthermore, we sing our healing prayer for everyone on the list during the week at morning services and at Shabbat services.

To add a name to the Mi Shebeirach list, please click here. One can use the same form to remove a name, as well.

When needed, Chesed provides meals for a few days, prepared by member volunteers, for those who are recovering. In addition, our clergy make hospital and home visits to members who are ill or convalescing.

Temple members have suggested ideas for programs. We have previously organized bereavement groups, meditation groups, healing circles, programs on pain management and educational community awareness sessions on the importance of organ donation.

For community resources to help those finding themselves in a difficult position, please click the  button below.


If you need to reach a member of the Chesed Committee, please email chesed@harzion.ca

The Chesed Committee relies on donations for some of their supplies. To donate to the Paulette Volgyesi Memorial Chesed Fund, please click here.


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