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THZ Policies and By-law

COVID Protocols

We are aware that the risk of catching COVID is not over and continue to recommend the wearing of masks; however, a mask is not required to be worn at Temple. We will respect your choice.

Updated November 2022


 Kavod: Respect and Safe Synagogue Policy

Temple Har Zion (Temple) provides a welcoming and supportive setting for individuals and families to connect, engage, and be inspired when pursuing opportunities to fulfill their spiritual needs within a Reform Jewish framework. Given the wide range of religious, educational, and social activities happening at Temple Har Zion, many different kinds of relationships arise between and among staff, congregants, board members, teachers, students, and outside contractors.

This policy highlights the expectation that individuals behave respectfully with others at all times and iterates the steps to be taken when concerns are raised about an individual’s behaviour. Everyone in the Temple community is expected to uphold this policy and will be held accountable by the board.

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THZ By-Law

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