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    Welcome to the Temple Har Zion Sisterhood page! 

Click here for a list of upcoming events and Board meetings.

What is Sisterhood?  Don’t let the name confuse you – we are a women’s group but not a sorority!  Our purpose is to strengthen and unite the women of the synagogue and support them in efforts to understand and perpetuate Reform Judaism in the home, synagogue, and community; and to reinforce their bonds with Israel and with Jews worldwide. We are affiliated with Women of Reform Judaism and participate in WRJ’s programs and events.

When you join Sisterhood, you join a group of women committed to Temple Har Zion and each other (hence the name).  You become part of something bigger than yourself.  And you can be as involved as you want – you can come to programs as a “guest” or you can join others in planning the programs and running the group – as much or as little as you want to do.

While you don’t have to be a member of Sisterhood to attend our programs, you truly will get more by joining.  Benefits include friendships with congregants as well opportunities to interact with Jewish women across our city and North America; participation in projects that benefit both Temple and the Jewish community at large – activities that include exciting and informative programsbook reviews, group outings … the list goes on.

The benefits of Sisterhood membership extend far beyond the individual member. Temple benefits from the vibrancy of the women in its midst. The Jewish community, both locally and internationally, benefits from the support provided to their projects. And our future Jewish generations benefit from the legacy we create. From providing camp scholarships to students wishing to attend URJ Camp George, funding to Temple Youth, to providing gifts to our Confirmands and B'nai Mitzvah Students, we support our youngest members, helping build a strong Reform Jewish future.

Who are our members? Look around the synagogue and you’ll get the idea – all ages, all marital statuses, women who work outside the home as well as within the home, women who have never had children, women with children underfoot and women with grown children … in short, every kind of woman is part of Sisterhood!

You are welcome to come to a meeting, a program, or an event and experience the joys of Sisterhood.  You’ll be glad you did!

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